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Cocos-Pure – 100% pure Coconut Water

Cocos~Pure is proud to bring coconut water, the healing nectar of the tropics, to the World!

Our passion is the pursuit of good living. Our mission is to provide you with a healthy pure beverage that supports and powers your passion … whatever that may be.

The Founders – Our attraction to and appreciation of the good life began here in British Columbia, where we grew up learning to be aware of the natural world around us.  Later, this pursuit of good life took us to all corners of the world evolving into more of a passion for ‘good living’ culture, adventure, sunshine, surf, and fresh healthy food and drink.

The pleasure and reward came from each of these ‘good living’ elements ~ culture, adventure, sunshine, surf, and fresh healthy food and drink, changing with every new location, the local rituals, the landscape, the waves, the food preparation ~ creating a sense of health and connection with ourselves and others.  It’s that feeling we all experience when we travel, that we dream about bottling and taking home with us.

During a deep reflection one day, relaxing in a couple hammocks of course, we realized the common thread in every one of our travel experiences was the presence of the ‘coconut’!  This simple, understated fruit that grows literally everywhere in the tropics and is a staple of nutrition and nourishment for hundreds of cultures. No wonder we always felt so great when we were away!

We fell in love with coconut water, and after discovering its endless list of health benefits, we were determined to share this refreshing drink with our friends in Canada. We are now bottling the healthy nectar of the tropics and bringing it home to you to help power your passion

Cocos-Pure can - 2012Cocos-Pure can - 2012Cocos-Pure can - 2012